10 Steps to an Effective Mailing Campaign

A little bit about this picture.

A little bit about this picture.

  1. Develop a profile. Who is the mailing going to and why?
  2. Determine an affordable, but realistic budget and a reasonable mail delivery schedule.
  3. Decide on mailing lists. Use your own list or purchase one from Adelante. We can provide lists targeted by location, demographic, or client profiles.
  4. Create the copy – the compelling message you want to send – and hire someone to design your direct mail piece.
  5. Choose a format of mailing. What will the mail piece look like? Does it meet postal regulations and standards or will it cost extra in postage?
  6. Try to meet the minimum volume requirement (200 pieces) to get the discounted postal pre-sort rate on postage. Check with Adelante to learn about other mailing requirements.
  7. Work with Adelante to determine what your postage expense will be and any ways you can save money. Postage is the largest portion of the budget when it comes to direct mail marketing. Your options are bulk, standard, non-profit, and first class. Remember, you can use Adelante’s permit for a fee.
  8. Find a printer and mailing services. Fortunately, Adelante can broker your printing and handle the mailing, too.
  9. Plan for each step in the process – design, printing, mailing services, etc. Start with the day you want your customers to receive the information and work back from there.
  10. Assemble the materials and mailing addresses, and prepare the pieces using USPS mailing requirements. Or, bring everything to Adelante Mailing & Fulfillment Center and we can handle it!

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