Benefits of Scanning

Top 9 Reasons to Scan

  1. Improve Efficiency
  2. Optimize Business Processes
  3. Compliance
  4. Reduce Costs
  5. Mitigate Risk
  6. Enable Collaboration
  7. Improve Customer Service
  8. Turnaround/Improved Response
  9. Competitive Advantage

(Source: AIIM)

What benefits can I expect from storing my documents in digital form, and how much space does document imaging typically require?

With significant drops in prices for hard-drives and optical media, it costs much less to store documents in an electronic file-management system than on paper. A single page typically occupies around 50 KB of disk space, if the image is stored in TIFF Group IV. Each gigabyte (GB) of storage space, which amounts to only a few dollars, holds approximately 20,000 pages.

The Cost Savings of Switching to Electronic Records Management

Adelante Document Imaging conducts a needs assessment survey for each customer, to uncover the current document management costs. Once identified, our records management professionals can outline the savings that would result from converting to electronic records.

For example, if your organization averages 15 retrievals a day for paper files from your file room, assuming an average employee is paid $15 an hour, and it takes seven minutes to find, retrieve, and return each file, you are paying $6,562.50 in filing costs each year. An electronic document system that allows you to retrieve your documents instantly from your desktop could reduce or erase this expense. Of course, the savings are even greater if you have more files to access or it would take longer than seven minutes to find.

15 retrievals a day x ($15/60 minutes x 7 minutes) x 5 days x 50 weeks
= $6,562.50 in filing costs each year

That’s money you could save by using electronic records management!

An electronic document management system also eliminates the cost of lost documents, or the time it takes to recreate a document that has been misfiled or destroyed. The average estimated cost for each recreated document is $250.

Another significant cost savings comes from the conversion of office space used to house records into a more productive work area. With real estate costs running $15 to $30 per square foot, immediate savings can be realized by cancelling these unnecessary expenses. Additional savings can be found by eliminating the ongoing expense of files stored in a warehouse or off-site storage facility.

Contact the professionals at Adelante Document Imaging today to have a needs assessment and cost savings survey conducted for your business! 

The Demands of Regulatory Compliance

MORE THAN 90% of respondents cite meeting regulatory records retention requirements as the main reason their organization has implemented, or is planning to implement, a records and information management program (Source: Information Management Compliance Survey, IDC and ARMA)

65% INDICATE IMPROVING EFFICIENCY in responding to agency audits and legal discovery as the main reasons their organization has implemented, or is planning to implement, a records and information management program. (Source: Information Management Compliance Survey, IDC and ARMA)

THERE ARE MORE THAN 14,000 federal state and industry laws, standards and regulations that dictate how long to keep paper and electronic records. (Source: Cadence Group, 2011)