Our Process – Moving to Electronic Files

There are several New Mexico businesses providing scanning and imaging services, but Adelante Document Imaging sets itself apart by offering a comprehensive, valued-added process to our scanning services.

Document Pickup

Boxed documents are picked up from the customer by Adelante personnel and transported in a secure Adelante box truck to the imaging site. Upon arrival, document boxes are labeled, individually inventoried, and placed in our secure storage area.


As document boxes are placed into production, the first step is preparing a customized index of folders. Our goal is to work with you to create a file structure that will be easy for you to use as you access files once they are electronic. The index also provides the customer and Adelante with an inventory of documents. This step can occur at the start or the end of the process, depending on the customer and the index structure.

Document Preparation

Prior to scanning, the documents are moved to the scanning area. Our document prep team removes metals (staples, paper clips, binder clips), repairs torn documents, and inserts patch code sheet separators to ensure we can identify batches when scanning. They also ensure all documents are facing the same direction.


Adelante uses high-speed scanners that handle 85 pages per minute. Documents are scanned using Kodak Capture Pro Software and output to the customer desired format (TIFF, PDF, PDFA, JPEG) at 200-600 DPI.

Quality Assurance

First, the editor reviews the documents to ensure all pages are scanned correctly, images are legible (based on best available copy), and that the orientation of the image is correct. In addition, blank images and patch codes are deleted, and documents that appear to have quality issues are re-scanned and replaced with higher quality images. All scanned images are reviewed to ensure that the quality of each image meets the project criteria. The employee will utilize the database already set up in the indexing process to enter the electronic files in a highly accessible and straightforward format for the end user. Both the initial scanner and the editor review the files to make sure files are correctly scanned and readily usable.

Optional Customer Review

The customer has the choice of reviewing a random selection or a page-by-page review of the electronic images compared to hard copies. This is entirely up to the customer how and if they choose to do an additional review above and beyond our prep and two step QA process.

Data Delivery

Electronic images are uploaded to the customer’s requested form (CD, Gold DVD, portable external hard drive, FTP site, cloud). A soft copy index is formatted as an Excel spreadsheet. The electronic data is released to the customer (either delivered or picked up) and a release form for the electronic data is presented for signature after each phase of the project is delivered.

Return of Hard Copies

Hard-copy documents are re-boxed in the original order received. At that point they can either be returned to the customer or shredded by Adelante Document Destruction Services, based on the customer’s preferences and document retention requirements. If the customer approves the destruction, all documents are destroyed in accordance with NAID AAA and ISO 9001 certifications at Adelante’s Secure Document Center. Our document businesses are co-located at the same site, so they do not leave our secure facility.

During the entire process, Adelante can provide retrieval services, too. We understand that Adelante Document Imaging is being entrusted with documents for periods that can extend into multiple months, depending on the volumes of backlog files being digitized. Part of our service therefore includes the timely retrieval of documents, including copying, faxing, or mailing them to customers, during the scanning process.